A.Titan Apical Dental Forceps

A.Titan Apical Dental Forceps at Global-Tec

Since their inception in 1998 A.Titan dental products have been recognized as an innovative leader in the dental practice community. Much the same as Global-Tec Enterprises, their mission is to enhance the quality of patient care by providing our distribution partners and dental professionals superior quality products and instrumentation that are on the very cutting edge of dentistry. 

The entire line of quality A.Titan dental products are at Global-Tec Enterprises, Inc. The A.Titan Apical Dental Forceps feature beveled beak design slides easy below the gumline to engage both the crown and root. Made in Germany from 100% German stainless steel.

23 Pediatric Cowhorn

A.Titan Apical Dental Forceps

Upper Anterior, w/Beveled Beaks - 1102


Lower Universal w/Beveled Beaks - 1274


Narrow Lower Universal - 1274 N

Narrow Lower Universal - 1274 N

gte-logojpgThrough our relationship with A.Titan dental products, Global-Tec Enterprises, Inc. offers a full line of high quality A.Titan instruments and products. This relationship provides our customers with a steady flow of innovative, high value instruments and supplies for specialty markets including Colleges and Universities, Government, Military, Dental Labs, and Community/Worldwide Dental Health Organizations.

Our commitment to excellence is unequaled in the industry. Global-Tec Enterprises, Inc. continues meeting delivery deadlines since our inception in 2000 allowing you to count on GTE for your dental instruments and accessories.


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