About Global-Tec Enterprises Inc

Since Global-Tec Enterprises Inc (GTE) was founded in 2000, it has been the company's goal to understand our customers' needs. We strive to make sure that your products meet their fullest potential by providing user-friendly and economical delivery devices.

Our ability to continuously add new products demonstrates our commitment to respond to our customers' ever-changing needs. GTE fulfills our customers' requirements by providing customized product design including engineering, injection molding and the manufacturing of new products. We recognize that our customers' satisfaction is the key element and highest priority in the formula for success.

Through attractive pricing, high quality products and innovative designs, GTE will continue to exceed the expectations of our customers while our state-of-the-art dental products and accessories will continue to provide optimal performance and usability.

Global-Tec Enterprises Inc continues in its dedication of serving the dental materials manufacturing industry since our inception in 2000. Total customer satisfaction is our passion!

Adriana Velez - President


Our commitment to excellence is unparalleled in the industry. Striving to continue meeting delivery deadlines with an unblemished record allows you to count on GTE for your dental instruments and accessories.


Innovation continues to set GTE apart from others. Meeting new requirements, inarticulated needs or existing needs continues to be a strength of GTE through the delivery of more effective products, processes and new technologies.


Our support staff assists you in meeting your needs, before your needs arise. Our ability to fulfill your requirements and allow you to prepare for the unforeseen contributes to the trust and dependability that our customers have come to appreciate.

Taking The Extra Initiative For Our Customers

Adriana Velez - President