AI Firearm Detection - Georgia School Security

AI Firearm Detection – Georgia School Security

AI Firearm Detection – Georgia School Security – Using existing cameras, advanced AI can notify authorities within 3 seconds of identifying a firearm.

AI Firearm Detection – Georgia School Security

Artificial Intelligence School Security – Firearm Detection – Make Your School Cameras Smarter – Next Generation Gun Detection Using Existing Cameras

Senseless violence has caused the loss of too many lives. At GTE and ZeroEyes we work hard to support security professionals and law enforcement.

AI Firearm Detection - Georgia School Security

Designed with active shooter scenarios in mind, ZeroEyes camera system uses advanced AI, to send notifications when a firearm is detected, sending real-time alerts to security, law enforcement and first responders with the exact location and number of shooters.

When Seconds Matter

While other firearm detection methods such as gunshot detectors are reactive in nature, ZeroEyes Firearm Detection is Proactive. And more times then not, security, law enforcement and other first responders are operating in the dark during an active shooter event. How many? What kind of weapon? Where are they?

Advanced AI Weapon Detection & Shooter Tracking with AI


AI weapon identification can help locate threats before they become violent. This allows first responders to have the best information possible.


Integration with local 911 and police forces can help prevent a dangerous situation from escalating. Law enforcement can be much more effective with real-time alerts.


With custom solutions for your specific needs, ZeroEyes connects to your existing security cameras and building infrastructure such as automatic door locks.

AI Firearm Detection – Georgia School Security – GTE

ZeroEyes sophisticated AI technology connects directly to your current security camera system to deliver fast, accurate threat detection.

The ZeroEyes Platform gives first responders the situational awareness they need to keep themselves and other people safe.

Our sophisticated technology connects to your current security camera to proactively detect and help prevent/minimize crimes before they happen.

The biggest problem with current cameras is the need for human labor to monitor the feed. Someone stepping away for coffee, a bathroom break, or suddenly distracted by a phone notification at the wrong moment renders the entire system useless.

ZeroEyes is a Complete Threat Detection Platform Built to Help Prevent Crime in Real Time

More Than Schools

  • Schools – Grade Schools, High Schools, Universities
  • Live Events – Churches, Stadiums, Conventions, Concerts
  • Commercial Travel – Airports, Train Stations, Bus Stations
  • Tourist Attractions – Theme Parks, Museums, Water Parks
  • Healthcare – Hospitals, Medical Offices, Laboratories
  • Corporations – Corporate Campuses, National Retailers, Factories and Warehouses

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