AI School Security - South Carolina Firearm Detection

AI School Security – South Carolina Firearm Detection

AI School Security – South Carolina Firearm Detection – Using Existing Cameras – Know Who, Where and How Many Shooters are present.

AI School Security – South Carolina Firearm Detection

Senseless violence has caused the loss of too many lives. At GTE and ZeroEyes we work hard to support security professionals and law enforcement especially in a school environment. The quicker you know there may be a threat, the quicker you can respond.

Because in an Active Shooter Situation…


This Short Video Describes How It Works

Generally, our first responders don’t have enough situational awareness when they arrive on scene because of a lack of information. Consequently, they walk into unimaginable situations without knowledge of where threats are or how many people are involved.

Using existing cameras, ZeroEyes gun detection helps protect children and adults from a violent attack.

Specifically, the alert system inherent in our technology provides necessary communications. At the same time, the knowledge that ZeroEyes is in place can be an inherent deterrent.

By implementing ZeroEyes technology, first responders and other personnel can gain access to important information immediately, saving seconds, which can save lives.

All with the ability to notify law enforcement and first responders in 3 seconds with location of the shooter(s) and types of weapons.

AI School Security – South Carolina Firearm Detection – GTE

AI School Security - South Carolina Firearm Detection


AI weapon identification can help locate threats before they become violent. This allows first responders to have the best information possible.


Integration with local 911 and police forces can help prevent a dangerous situation from escalating. Law enforcement can be much more effective with real-time alerts.


With custom solutions for your specific needs, ZeroEyes connects to your existing security cameras and building infrastructure such as automatic door locks.
ZeroEyes technology is primarily concerned with detecting guns. A threat’s face will be recorded in the form of a screen capture. Likewise, screen captures provide first responders with appropriate situational awareness so they can best help people. Facial recognition does not have to be activated during normal operations. It is only in the unfortunate event that there is a real threat, where a face would be captured and recorded by the ZeroEyes system.
In short, this system scans for guns, not faces.
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