Artificial Intelligence Firearm Detection

Artificial Intelligence Firearm Detection For K-12 Schools and Colleges

Next Generation AI Gun Detection – Artificial Intelligence Firearm Detection For K-12 Schools and College Campuses Using Existing Camera Feeds.

Artificial Intelligence Firearm Detection For Schools

Detect Weapon Threats in Real Time

Make Your Cameras Smarter

By routing your camera feeds to our AI Engine, you can be informed in just 3 seconds when a firearm is detected in surveillance cameras. Additionally, this AI technology can track shooters in real time, providing shooter location(s) and fast live updates to police, school security and educators.

Artificial Intelligence School Security

In the wake of school shooting incidents over the past 10 years, people are anxious about creating safe environments. The ability to detect weapons on premises is unfortunately a necessity now. Cameras are already in place at most schools. There are also no clear causes or indications of when a school shooting will occur. Therefore, it would be infeasible to have a human security guard watch all cameras all the time.

ZeroEyes has created weapon recognition technology to provide real-time information to those who protect people if the worst happens.

ZeroEyes technology improves itself with machine learning. The software is beginning to make its own determinations about what is or is not a weapon. This is going to result in an improved rate of response, and decreased “false-positive” rate. The team actively trains the algorithm at installation sites where the ZeroEyes technology is in place. A typical active shooter in these scenarios has been an untrained 16 year old boy. ZeroEyes is teaching their program how to spot a weapon held by a trained Navy SEAL. This enhanced capability sets ZeroEyes apart from other weapon recognition technology companies.

Senseless violence has caused the loss of too many lives. At GTE and ZeroEyes we work hard to support security professionals and law enforcement.

The quicker you know there may be a threat, the quicker you can respond.

In an Active Shooter situation SECONDS MATTER.

Artificial Intelligence Firearm Detection


AI weapon identification can help locate threats before they become violent. This allows first responders to have the best information possible.


Integration with local 911 and police forces can help prevent a dangerous situation from escalating. Law enforcement can be much more effective with real-time alerts.


With custom solutions for your specific needs, ZeroEyes connects to your existing security cameras and building infrastructure such as automatic door locks.

Artificial Intelligence Firearm Detection School Security – Other Applications

  • Live Events – Stadiums, Conventions, Concerts
  • Commercial Travel – Airports, Train Stations, Bus Stations
  • Tourist Attractions – Theme Parks, Museums, Water Parks
  • Healthcare – Hospitals, Medical Offices, Laboratories
  • Corporations – Corporate Campuses, National Retailers, Factories and Warehouses

All with the ability to notify law enforcement and first responders in 3 seconds with location of the shooter(s) and types of weapons.

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