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Global-Tec Enterprises carries Avid Fit Dental products. Military and government agencies can order direct with confidence. 

Avid Fit Dental Products at GTE

Avid Fit™ Hygiene Handpiece

Ergonomic Advancement

The Avid Fit™ Hygiene Handpiece provides maximum comfort for both patient and clinician. This innovative, low speed handpiece does the bending and twisting for you saving your back and keeping your wrist in a true neutral position.
This neutral wrist position is maintained throughout polishing with a quick adjustment. The ability to allow adjustments helps reduce hand and wrist fatigue and decreases the motions that lead to symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome like tingling and loss of sensation. Click here to see our Handpiece in action!

Adapts To Any Hand

The Avid Fit™ Hygiene Handpiece feels great in any size hand! It’s lightweight and has a grip that offers nine divots that your fingers will find naturally. The nose cone can move in any direction to provide better access to all of those hard to reach areas like the buccal areas of maxillary molars!
The Avid Fit™ Hygiene Handpiece, when coupled with the Avid Fit™ DPA, is the most advanced “prophylaxis system” on the market. Help modernize the experience for both you and your patient. This system allows optimal efficiency and efficacy for a great hygiene visit!

The Technical Stuff:

Rivaling the lightest handpieces on the market, the Avid Fit™ was designed with you in mind!

  • Made of lightweight materials, only 2.61 ounces!
  • Air powered, lots of torque
  • Autoclavable
  • Available in four brilliant colors
  • Requires the use of Avid Fit™ DPA to adjust nose cone

The Avid Fit™ DPA is specially designed to adjust and tighten the nose cone on the Avid Fit™ Hygiene Handpiece. Other DPAs do not have this special design feature and can not be used on the Avid Fit™ Hygiene Handpiece.


Avid Fit™ Disposable Prophy Angle

avid Fit Dental ProductsIntroducing the newest and most advanced disposable prophy angle on the market! The Avid Fit™ DPA is a newly patented design. It allows a smoother rotation reducing the vibrations felt while performing a prophylaxis. This reduction equals less risk of musculoskeletal issues caused by repetitive daily vibrations.

The Avid Fit™ DPA comes in three brilliant cup colors and features a modified webbing on the paste cup. The modified webbing allows for optimal flare when polishing to catch plaque just below the gumline.
You can use this new prophy angle on any low speed hygiene handpiece that has a standard nose cone. But you have to try it on the new Avid Fit™ Hygiene Handpiece! When coupled with the Avid Fit™ Hygiene Handpiece, the Avid Fit™ DPA creates a “prophylaxis system” that optimizes line of sight and accessibility for the best prophy possible!Avid Fit™ DPA is available in soft cup. Firm, brush, mini and groove cup coming soon.
In addition to Avid Fit dental products, GTE carries KaVo Kerr Group, Henry Schein, A. Titan Instruments, Wykle Research Amalgam,  Sulzer Mixpac and Garrison Dental Solutions.
Global-Tec provides our customers with a steady flow of innovative, high value dental instruments and EMS supplies for specialty markets including Government, Military, Colleges and Universities, Dental Labs and Community/Worldwide Dental Health Organizations.

Global-Tec Enterprises, Inc. is an SBA Certified Minority Woman Owned Small Business (MWOSB) that is afforded special status based on established federal government programs. Additionally, Global-Tec is a graduate of the Small Business Administration 8(a) program.

Our commitment to excellence is unequaled in the industry. Global-Tec Enterprises, Inc. continues meeting delivery deadlines since our inception in 2000 allowing you to count on GTE for your dental instruments and accessories.

Government buyers can visit http://global-tecinc.com/gte-government-solutions/ for our capabilities and competencies, as well as ordering with confidence.

Contact GTE at 561-432-1746

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