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The Dechoker – A Life-Saving Device

Global-Tec Enterprises, Inc. now carries the Dechoker – a life-saving device for infants, children and adults. Order with confidence from GTE.

The Dechoker – A Life-Saving Device

A choking death occurs every two hours.

The Dechoker at GTEThe Dechoker is a life saving device which can be used for choking first aid on anyone, regardless of age, illness, disorder, or other health-related condition. With little training, a parent can use a Dechoker on their child to prevent an accidental choking death. A waitress can use a Dechoker on a teenager in a restaurant. A security guard at a baseball game can use the Dechoker on an adult fan.

Changing the way people respond in a choking emergency, the Dechoker first aid device, can be used to save lives in every community gathering place, first responder kit, restaurant, health care facility, school, business, sports venue, government office, and more.

More people die from choking than die in fires, non-fire related carbon monoxide poisoning, drowning or accidental shootings.

This all changes today.


  • Corporate

It’s important that your employees feel safe while they’re at work. Save a spot for this device in every break room at your company.

  • Education

Daycares. Cafeterias. Dining Halls. Dormitories. Make sure that you’re prepared if a choking emergency occurs.

  • Government

With a lightweight pull handle and directions that are easy to follow, anyone at an army base, VA Hospital or government office can use this device. For local government, it’s an EMS must have.

  • Medical

Whether you work at a nursing home or a hospital, choking is a concern. You provide the constant care, let us provide the extra comfort.

  • Hospitality

You strive to anticipate your guests’ needs. Let us support your mission with a device that assists in a choking emergency.

  • Retail

Want to carry a life-saving product in your store? Make sure the first aid kits that you’re selling aren’t missing this essential supply.

  • Transportation

From cruise ships to commuter trains, this functional and lightweight product is not arbitrary, it’s necessary.

Learn when to use the Dechoker and how to use it in 2 minutes!

FDA Registered – Works in Seconds

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