EMS Anti Choking Device

EMS Anti Choking Device

EMS Anti Choking Device – With more choking deaths than deaths by fires, CO Poisoning or Drowning, it’s important to have the Dechoker handy for Choking Emergencies.

EMS Anti Choking Device

EMS Anti Choking Device

In addition to carrying the most commonly needed EMS supplies, GTE carries the FDA Registered Dechoker anti-choking device.

Choking is one of the leading causes of accidental death, and first responders, caregivers and others should have every possible defense at their fingertips.

First responders are trained to perform a combination of two treatments on choking victims, and these are the same treatments that caregivers should familiarize themselves with:

Abdominal Thrusts: Also referred to as the Heimlich, this process involves wrapping your arms around a choking victim, holding your hands together in a fist just below the victim’s rib cage, and thrusting inward and upward. You can repeat the process about five times, then alternate to the next step.

Back slaps: After several abdominal thrusts, shift to back slaps. Use the heel of your hand to deliver five firm blows to the person’s back between the shoulder blades. If the object remains stuck in the victim’s airway, alternate back to abdominal thrusts.
If these treatments prove ineffective, first responders may then proceed to CPR if the victim becomes unconscious. Lastly, paramedics may decide to perform intubation or a tracheostomy if they cannot get the object out of the airway.

EMS Anti Choking Device – Another Low Cost Option

EMS Anti Choking Device

These choking first-aid treatments have been the accepted standard worldwide for almost 50 years. Although they can be effective if done correctly, they also come with a serious risk of injury to the choking victim, with broken ribs being a common side effect.

Additionally, no one method is 100% effective.

But let’s face facts… you have a couple minutes or less…sometimes just seconds to dislodge an airway obstruction.

We recommend the easy-to-use Dechoker device not as a replacement for traditional treatments, but as an alternative that’s available if those treatments are unsuccessful. Just as defibrillators are now found in lots of public spaces to help in heart health emergencies, we believe there should be a Dechoker within reach in every school, every restaurant and certainly every emergency vehicle.

GTE works closely with EMS markets including Government, Military, Colleges and Universities, as well Worldwide Health Organizations and Community EMS organizations.

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gte-logoOur commitment to excellence is unparalleled in the industry. GTE continues meeting delivery deadlines since our inception in 2000 allowing you to count on GTE for your EMS supplies. 

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