Garrison 3D XR

Garrison Composi-Tight Matrix Systems

Global-Tec Enterprises, Inc. carries the entire line of Garrison Dental Products including the Garrison Composi-Tight Matrix systems, which are the global standard in sectional matrix systems. Meet the all new Composi-Tight 3D XR Sectional Matrix System.

Composi-Tight 3D XR

The Composi-Tight® 3D Clear sectional matrix system combines transparent and translucent materials to allow for trans-enamel polymerization.  Now clinicians can apply their curing light from both the buccal and lingual surfaces without interference from metal matrix bands and opaque separator rings.  This easily allows for proper curing of deeper proximal boxes and is also beneficial for clinicians bulk-filling Class II restorations.

Composi-Tight Gold

Garrison completely re-engineered its original sectional matrix system to deliver even better all-around performance.  No other brand can match the Composi-Tight Gold® balance of strength and resiliency in restoring composites. You can see the difference!

Composi-Tight Original

Garrison's original sectional matrix system is still loved by many clinicians.  As more and more patients were requesting posterior composites for aesthetic and health concerns, many dentists were reluctant to use them because there was no sure and convenient way to obtain a tight contact...until the original Composi-Tight®

Global-Tec and Garrison - A Winning Combination

Through our relationship with Garrison Dental, Global-Tec Enterprises, Inc. offers a full line of high quality Garrison products; matrix systems, matrix ring and bands, wedges, instruments, polishers and abrasives. This relationship provides our customers with a steady flow of innovative, high value instruments and supplies for specialty markets including Colleges and Universities, Government, Military, Dental Labs, and Community/Worldwide Dental Health Organizations.

Our commitment to excellence is unparalleled in the industry. Striving to continue meeting delivery deadlines with an unblemished record allows you to count on GTE for your dental instruments and accessories.

Garrison Composi-Tight Matrix Systems and Global-Tec Enterprises, Inc.; a winning combination.

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