School Security - Firearm Detection

School Security – Firearm Detection

School Security – Firearm Detection – Using Existing Cameras, Advanced AI gives first responders important info – The Who and Where.

School Security – Firearm Detection

Senseless violence has caused the loss of too many lives. At GTE and ZeroEyes we work hard to support security professionals and law enforcement. The quicker you know there may be a threat, the quicker you can respond.

Generally, our first responders don’t have enough situational awareness when they arrive on scene because of a lack of information. Consequently, they walk into unimaginable situations without knowledge of where threats are or how many people are involved. What do they look like? What are they wearing? Where are they? Is there more than one shooter involved? 

Using existing cameras, this AI can can identify the number of shooters, transmit identifying images, as well as pinpoint the active shooter’s location(s) directly to security, law enforcement and other first responders. 

Specifically, the alert system inherent in our technology provides these necessary communications.

School Firearm Detection – Using existing cameras detect guns before they are fired saving seconds that can preserve lives of children and adults.

  • AI School Security – using existing cameras, ZeroEyes can send vital active shooter location and other important information directly to first responders.
  • With custom solutions for your specific needs, ZeroEyes connects to your existing security cameras and building infrastructure such as automatic door locks.
  • No faces or data is saved until a firearm is identified.
This sophisticated AI technology connects directly to your current security camera system to deliver fast, accurate threat detection.

In the wake of numerous school shooting incidents over the past 10 years, people are anxious about creating safe environments. especially in our school system. The ability to detect weapons on premises is unfortunately a necessity now. Cameras are already in place at most schools. There are also no clear causes or indications of when a school shooting will occur. Therefore, it would be infeasible to have a human security guard watch all cameras all the time.

ZeroEyes has created weapon recognition technology to provide real-time information to those who protect people if the worst happens.

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